Feb 26, 2024
Growth Frameworks
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My startup growth book is now published

The day has finally arrived – three years and 170 pages later – my first book, Your First Million: Growth Marketing Blueprint for Startups, is now published.

What’s it about

I wrote this book, because throughout the countless startups I’ve created, I’ve noticed there was no definitive resource to learn how to scale for the highly coveted first million in revenue. Sure, there are articles, college textbooks, and even other resources like YouTube videos but it’s all over the place. In my own journey, I often found myself resorting to trial and error in pursuit of that goal.

Now, after scaling my latest startup to $3.5M ARR within 24 months, and being acquired in December 2023, I felt it was right to share the framework that got me there. This is the book with all of the information I wish I had when I started my first company. I’m now sharing it with you.

In my book, I introduce readers to a First Million Framework which consists of five steps that I took, to get my latest startup to its first million in revenue within 12 months. Below is an image of the machine built specifically to support this framework, along with the key steps:

  1. Find product-market-fit,
  2. Identify your ideal customer profiles,
  3. Nail down your messaging,
  4. Find your ‘aha’ moment,
  5. Optimize.

The First Million Framework machine © Jonathan Martinez, 2023.

I dive into the following and more in the book:

  • How to understand your product-market fit the fastest way,
  • Why it’s important to define customer personas early,
  • Why the ‘aha moment’ is vital and how to find it,
  • When to seek outside growth marketing help.

Who it’s for

This book was written specifically for folks brewing up start-up ideas, founders currently building, or the readers who are looking to learn more about how to leverage growth marketing into their jobs.

Even for a seasoned marketer, I’m confident there will be bits and pieces that I share from the last decade of my professional experiences which can benefit your work.

Praise from

I’m incredibly grateful to have received excellent blurbs from esteemed professionals of all backgrounds – their blessing means the world. Below are just a few:

“I wished I had this book when I started my first startup! I’ve worked with Jonathan in the past and was impressed by the breadth of his growth marketing knowledge.”

  • YUNHA KIM, Shark Tank guest, CEO and Founder of Sleep Reset

“Jonathan has a vast amount of growth experience that he’s implemented to scale startups such as Postmates. His book provides a solid framework for the startup founder to quickly learn the fundamentals on growth.”

  • AUSTIN HAY, Head of Marketing Technology at Ramp

“In this book, Jonathan has gone one step further in his entrepreneurship journey and shared his valuable experience and insights with budding entrepreneurs on how they, too, can harness growth marketing to grow and achieve their revenue goals.”

  • GIGI WANG, Industry Faculty, Sutardja Center, UC Berkeley

How to purchase

Available exclusively on Amazon (here).

If you’re still not convinced, you can find more information about the book and a few goodies on the dedicated site: www.yourfirst1million.com.

If you feel that this book will benefit a reader in your life, please help share the word.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my journey in growth thus far. It’s been such a fun ride, and I’m excited to hear from readers what you think. This book is just as much mine as it is yours, with all of your feedback and encouragement.  I look forward to our journey as we continue pushing ahead.

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